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Volunteer! There Are So Many Ways to Lend a Helping Hand

Josh and his dad building a see-saw for children on a mission trip to Nicaragua in 2015

On his birthday last year, August 16th, Josh volunteered at Family Health Care Resources, a local LA food pantry. We would like to honor Josh, by dedicating this August to serving others. We wish to see everyone donate some of their time to a charity in need. It can be anything that speaks to your heart, not just the causes that we have picked at the JNF. Anything helps, even if it is not an official event. Spend time helping an elderly neighbor, take meals to those who can’t leave their house, set up a canned food drive to bring to your local pantry…..ANYTHING HELPS!


The JNF has set a goal of 1000 service hours by the end of 2022. But we have dedicated August as a month of service to honor Josh’s life and legacy.

Want to know how to get involved?  Google “volunteer opportunities near me.”

Pick a cause close to your heart and grab your friends to join in. The more, the merrier!

What to do on the day of your event? Post pics and tag @thejnfoundation on Instagram so we can share in our stories. Email us your hours and details about your event to [email protected]

Be a part of the movement! We want to hear your story.